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In 1950, Howard Wyman helped organize the National Lamb Feeders Association. He served as president, secretary-treasurer, and in 1986, he began what has become the annual Sheep Industry Leadership School. In 1996, the NLFA Board honored his contribution by renaming the school the Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School.


The HWSILS is made possible by our many valued sponsors:

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National Sheep Industry Improvement Center

American Lamb Board

American Sheep Industry Association

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Bowman Wool & Livestock

Mountain States Lamb & Wool Co-Op

Rocky Mountain Sheep Marketing

SRC Milling Company LLC

Carolyn Gerdes, Tier Haus Farms

Don Gnos, Footrot Flats

Don Godby, Godby Sheep Company

Harold Harper, Harper Feedlot LLC

Mike Harper, Mike Harper Livestock

Jeff & Jay Hasbrouck, Double J Lamb Feeders

Ryan Indart, The Indart Group, Inc.

Don Meike, Sussex Ranch LLC

Stan Potratz, Premier Sheep Supplies

Steve Schreier, Schreier Farms

Milt Ward, C.D. Ranches

Tom & Karin Watson, Silverdale Farms

The Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School (HWSILS), is the nation’s oldest and most trusted educational seminar. Founded in 1986, the brainchild of Howard Wyman, bringing to life his dream of providing continuing leadership and educational training to sheep and lamb ranchers, producers and feeders, with the goal of supporting the growth and sustainability of US lamb industry.

As the premier leadership and educational sheep industry program, the HWSILS is held annually at various locations throughout the United States. The objective, to educate the lamb industry about various production and processing programs, industry trade organizations, government issues as well as sales, marketing and consumer information, forming new leaders for the industry. As the lamb industry continues to face new challenges with competition from foreign markets, other proteins, new food innovations and regulations, the NFLA believes that it is imperative to solidify a new generation of lamb industry leaders to keep the industry viable for generations to come.