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Howard Wyman Sheep
Industry Leadership School


There is no fee to apply. Individuals must be 20 years of age or older to attend. Participants will be notified of their acceptance after the application deadline. Once accepted, participants must submit a $250 registration fee to secure placement in the program. NLFA covers the cost of meals, lodging, supplies, and tour-related expenses. Each participant is responsible for his/her transportation to and from the school site. Acceptance to the program grants NLFA permission to utilize photos taken during the school.

Because some questions require more time to answer thoroughly, it is recommended you work from a saved copy of this pdf on your computer and save often to prevent accidental loss of information.

Please email your completed application electronically to NLFA at [email protected]. For questions, please call Strategic Association Services at 605-224-0224.

  • Feeding
  • Commercial
  • Purebred
  • Club Lambs

Please provide name & contact information for a personal reference:

How did you learn about the Leadership School? (25 words or less)

Essay Questions

Please provide as detailed a response as possible to the following questions. You do not need to limit your answer to the pace shown. The form will accommodate longer answers.

  1. Experience: Describe your involvement with sheep, lamb feeding, wool, or allied industry.
  2. Reason for applying: What would you like to learn?