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National Lamb Feeders Association

The association is committed to the supporting the well-being and expansion of the sheep industry, ensuring its’ viability for generations to come. Committed not only to industry research, producer and consumer education and promotion but to work closely with the sheep industry organizations and government proving insight and knowledge to guide regulations and legislation.

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Each year the Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School (HWSILS) is held at a new location, introducing its attendees to new industry technology and trends, tying in leadership and education programs together, with a goal of developing new leaders for the industry.

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The National Lamb Feeders Association (NLFA) is a trusted resource for nation’s lamb feeders, advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent lamb feeders across the nation. NLFA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan and member-driven organization, open to anyone involved in the production, processing and marketing of sheep and lambs. Committed to industry and consumer education, research and promotion, NFLA implements programs that promote sheep and lamb production throughout the United States.

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